Grand Prix motorcycle racing, which is known as MotoGP is one the biggest and popular motorcycle racing competitions of the world. Since 1949, the authorities, which are various motorcycle producing companies such as Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki and some others have been arranging this race. Now, this race is held every year in various places around the world. Michelin, a top brand of tires, took over as the official tire supplier of MotoGP race in 2016 after 7 seasons of Bridgestone performing the function.

Michelin, one of the world’s 4 top tires manufacturer company, was founded at 1989 in France. For their quality tires, they took over to perform the function of MotoGP’s tire supplier. You will be astonished when you know about some fact about Michelin tires supplied in MotoGP race.

Michelin Tyre

  1. New tire rubber compounds can be created in only 3 days!

In MotoGP race, one track is different from another. So, each season requires track specific tires along with new compounds. Usually, the tire compounds are created from the previous race’s experience and with the test result of the new tracks. Sometimes, tires get failed for the high speed and at that moment requires new tires with the new compound. Last year in Argentina, this type of situation occurs and Michelin mechanics only took a 3 days’ period for making track specific new tires with the new compound!

  1. Tires are tracked from the moment they leave Michelin to their return from the team:

You may not know that the tires Michelin supplied to the team are not for the lifetime. They gave them as a loan and after the race held, the team returns them to the company. In this process, Michilin’s technicians have put a barcode in each tire and scanned it at the time of they leave Michelin and track them all the time. When the team returns them, technicians scanned them again and then destroys them. They are created for a one-time use.

  1. 19 tire technicians of Michelin work in every event:

Same 19 permanent tire technicians are traveling around the world with every event of MotoGP series for the entire season. These techs are worked as the adviser of the rider in tire selection as their bike demands based on their knowledge. They also check the temperature, pressure, and wear of the tires for both Michelin and riders. They work for the entire season as the members of the team.

  1. Tires are transported in climate controlled containers:

The special tires contain vaporous nature chemicals, for which the climate has an impact on them. And to avoid this impact, the tires are transported in climate controlled containers from factory to the track. They use a plane as the transport and keep the tires between 50 to 70 degree F.

  1. The rider has final choice on tire selection:

As told, the 19 fixed techs are helped riders to select the tire, but the riders have the option to decide the tires. Michelin gives every rider maximum 22 tires over the weekend, where 10 are front and 12 are rear tires and also fixed the number of soft, medium and hard tires. From the 22, the riders select the best two for the ride with the guidance of the techs.

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