When you are racing, the only thing that you care about is better speed. However, your tire has to think about a lot of other stuff too and one of the more important ones is safety. A combo is often required to make your tire a perfect one. Why are racing tires effective anyways?

Racing Tires

 The differences between normal road and racing tires:

1.    Normal road tires are usually made of hard rubber compound while racing tires make with the soft rubber compound. The hard rubber gives the tires a long life span but a softer compound of rubber makes the tires more flexible and sticky than the normal road tires. Because of this, the racing tires are able to create more grips with the surface.

2.    The normal tires have huge recesses cut in the tread, while in another side the racing tires have fewer recesses cut in their thread. These recesses cut in the tread helps them in ejecting water to reduce the possibility of losing control of the car. While the fewer recesses cut won’t help in rainy weather, but it increases the surface area of the contact patch. The area where the tires contact with the surface is called contact patch and one car has only four contact patch with each of the tires. Fewer recesses cut means that less area without rubber, which means more contact patch. More contact patch helps tires to create more traction, which increases the speed of the vehicles with performance.

3.    Usually, normal road tires have low optimal operating temperature while the racing tires have a high operating temperature. The operating temperature has a great impact on the tires performance.  We discuss it briefly.

Tires get high temperature because of the friction with the surface and the flexibility of the tire as it can continually rotate on the surface. For the regular use of normal road tires, the maximum temperature they are exposed is not so high usually between 70 to 90 degrees F. The normal road tires goals is to use it for a long term. They are designed for a long run in highway or city roads with a low price and a long lifetime. Creating a high operating temperature is costly and that’s why companies make them with a low optimal operating temperature. If their temperature has been crossed the optimal temperature, the road tires will begin to degenerate quickly, the tires will not produce enough grip and after sometimes they just been destroyed.

But in other side, racing tires are used for racing for which they need a more speedy rotation and more friction with the surface. And these create a high temperature in tires. That’s why if the racing tires operating temperature is so high. The soft compound of rubber helps to make the operating temperature high.


And that’s why the racing tires are so effective in a driving track.

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